18th Annual UCSD Veterans Recognition Event and Veteran Of The Year Award

On November 8th, UC San Diego Veterans Staff Association celebrated the 18th Annual Veterans Recognition Event. In addition, the 2017 Veteran of the Year award was presented to James Seddon, Datacom manager at UCSD and active member of multiple Veterans organizations. The theme of the event was "Recognizing Veteran Entrepreneurship". The event was a great success. In addition, James was nominated for County Veteran of the Year. Although he did not win, he did receive great accolades and awards at the event. Thank you all who attended and provided your support!

UCSD Research Team Investigates Gulf War Illness

One of the great benefits of being affiliated with UCSD is that we learn about the great research that is being done here at UCSD. Dr. Beatrice Golomb and her team are investigating the effects of the Gulf War on our Veterans. Here is a quick overview of what her team is working on: Mitochondrial and Nuclear Genetics in Gulf War Illness This study is assessing whether ill Gulf War veterans, in comparison to healthy controls, have a difference in their genes. The study involves a blood, urine, and saliva sample at our clinic at UC San Diego. The blood sample will be sent to the Gene Dx facility and our colleague, Dr. Kelley at Harvard, to assess whether veterans have a mitochondrial dysfuncti

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