The VSA supports programs and projects that benefit Veterans, Active Military, Retired Military, Reservists, and Military Affiliates at UC San Diego and in the San Diego community.  Membership is open to ANYONE who supports our military and our mission.

Our Mission Statement


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Stay up to Date with Veteran Services and Benefits


Many Veterans have difficulty navigating or are unaware of the benefits they have earned. Visit to learn about the State and Federal benefits you are entitled to receive and how to claim them.


Need info on how to add a Veteran Designation on your CA Driver License? Click here for more info. 




Tuition fee waiver for Veteran Dependants


A Veteran with a Service Connected rating can take advantage of these Benefits. Read more on the eligibility requirements here.




Fight to end Veteran suicides


Over recent years, Veteran suicide rates have spiked. Let's work together to let Veterans know that there are options. Remember "ACE" Ask, Care and Escort. Find out more here.

Looking to join an organization?

Having difficulty coping after seperating? Missing that sense of camaraderie that we experience while serving? Please consider joining one of the many organizations dedicated to veterans, such as the UCSD Veterans Staff Association (VSA), Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) and the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

Companies Offering Military Discounts for Veterans with ID​


Coldstone Creamery


Foot Locker

Home Depot



Just to name a few!



Need help or know someone who does? 


Military One Source has a wide array of solutions for any of life's challenges including family and Relationship issues, Financial & Legal assistance, as well as Counciling Services. Please don't let yourself or someone else not get the help they need!





Have you been Exposed to Burn Pits Overseas?


The US Department of Veterans Affairs has an Airborne Hazards and Burn Pit Registry for service members that will help to monitor health conditions affecting eligible Veterans. If you have not registered, please do so by clicking here.


To be eligible, you must be a Veteran or Service member who deployed to contingency operations in the Southwest Asia theater of operations at any time on or after August 2, 1990 (as defined in 38 CFR 3.317(e)(2)), or Afghanistan or Djibouti on or after September 11, 2001.